More Drieds

This is my one beautiful fall mum that the bugs haven't attacked yet.

We have yellow lady bug looking bugs that are swarming what's left of my tank garden.  At first, I didn't think they were doing much damage, but then they really multiplied and are devouring leaves and flowers.  My second mum plant was HUGE before the bugs.  They seem to be eating the perimeter of the flower so there is still the center left. I decided the best thing to do would be to cut some of the blooms off and dry them. 

I liked the shadows their little stubby heads made. Now, I have to keep watch that the bugs don't eat them here or I'll bring the hanger in.
 I'm going to add these,once dried, to a little herb tree I formed the other day. It's drying now too. I'll post those pictures when I get a chance.  

We are really seeing some great fall color here!


  1. Yellow ladybugs? Are they native or invasive? They don't sound like much fun to have around. Your hanging flowers look very content.

  2. Box Elder bugs are swarming us! Love the mums really haven't started..maybe the drought hurt their buds....

  3. Gorgeous mum, Jill! Too bad the bugs got the other ones, but I love the idea you have for them! Can't wait to see it!

    And love the vintage hangers in your garden, too! Soo lovely!!


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