Some Reds of Fall

I'm still happy using tin cans as vases.  And, these cans pair up well with the vintage aluminum tray I've used before.

I cut blanket flowers that were just buds because I really like them at that stage and they've been opening up more inside.  The other two little bundles are mums and sedum.  Such pretty colors!

I picked up these "flowers" at a garage sale.  The bag said just that, "flowers" 25 cents.  I thought maybe they were pine cones that had been cut back somehow, but now I don't think so.  Does anyone know what they are? A big bowl of them would be really pretty.

I had to turn on the heat just a little in the night, there were deer in our lane yesterday, I just heard geese flying overhead, and the fuzzy slippers are out.  Fall is here. :) 

 I hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. thank you for your gorgeous fall offering...Love the warmth and beauty of it along with the way you manage to combine the humblest ingredients elevating them so beautifully!

    I have a thing for aluminum pieces...

    I collected some of the "rose" pinecones once on the Eastern Shore of Maryland under a gorgeous pine tree that I had never seen before
    I meant to include it in a blog post, but it never made it ... I find that along with my links act as part of my memory and visual journal

    Happy Fall to you and yours Jill...we are enjoying cooler temps here too which are most welcome

  2. thank you Patty for identifying them! the rose pinecones are beautiful - I'm curious if they are ever seen here in the northwest - what a find!!!

  3. Jill- your arrangement is beautiful - I'm such a lover of tin cans too...and your new blog header - pretty great too!

  4. Your fall flowers are beautiful - love the use of tin cans.
    And that last paragraph - fall is here! So poetic.

  5. Jill... it's gorgeous!!! All of it! The tin cans are fantastic! LOL And the flowers - awesome!!!

    It's cold here... COLD in Texas!!! It won't last - but it's fun for right now!!!

    Happy Fall!

    :) robelyn

  6. I wanted to comment on this post the other day! I picked up the exact same flower cones myself, I had thought of deocrating my wreath with them, it turns out they're a bit big but I couldn't resist them! Your autumn arrangement is beautiful! Mx


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