Shabby Chic Garland

Over a year ago the kids and I were on a short pom pom making kick.  There was a pom pom 4-H project and lots of experiments.  I knew you could make pom poms from a simple piece of cardboard, your fingers, or even a fork. But, I saw somewhere that there was a pompom maker.  I sought them out when we had a chance to shop.  We now have 4 maybe 5 different sizes of makers.  My conclusion?  I think the cardboard technique probably works just as well as these purchased forms.  But, at least with these, our size stays consistent and I have a new gadget!

While the kids were making theirs, I had to make some too.  You know pom poms aren't just for kids. :)

And, I hung them in my sewing room.

I made mine on the largest form (4") and wrapped each one about 100 wraps. I also made them kind of ratty and  roughed them up quite a bit for a shabby look. I did not trim them to make them round.  I hung them from a piece of died sari silk I bought from Etsy. That ribbon is soooo neat!

This is the yarn I used.  It's a  really big skein.  I could make enough pom poms to go across town and back I think!

I could see these in white/off white for all the white lovers out there hanging across a corner vignette.
I think they could work for Christmas decor too across a shelf or mantle.  The key is to get a nubby, soft yarn in a color that will work for you.


  1. Love the sneak peek into your sewing room! the pom poms are fab, gorgeous colour! Mx

  2. Pom poms are not just for kids!
    Love that
    Love your garland and your lovely creative space too!

  3. Fun to look at someone else's work room!
    That chair is fabulous - would definitely be a napping chair for me!


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