Saturday Digest

Oh my.  Could this be the cutest grandma costume ever?  I know I won't be making one, but just had to share this.  Make it and Love it has a tutorial on making this granny costume and also links to the wolf and red riding hood costumes.  Wow.  Hats off to the quality of these costumes, tutorials, and cute pictures!

This struck my fancy.  Not for my jeans, maybe for my girls or maybe just the technique. How about on a pillow made of denim?  Cute, isn't it?

Overalls are back!!!  A pair of nicely worn overalls was one of my mainstay outfits in high school and college.  Maybe, I wore them beyond  being in style.  Quite sure I wore them beyond being in style.  And, quite sure I won't be buying these!  They're called the "Ethel Overalls": charming. And, this pair is so similar to the ones I wore.  Love them still.

I really like Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs and this is worth reading. 

I hope you're having a great weekend.  We'll be watching our son play in his last Senior marching band contest and getting some outside work done. So goes the plan anyway.


  1. That is one adorable costume, and an adorable model.
    Enjoy your son's game. Thanks for the comment on the hospitality post.

  2. Precious costume for sure!
    those dotted jeans
    Love those too
    off to check out your other link

    happy rest of the weekend to you and yours dear Jill


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