A Little Fall Decor

I caught a little morning sun to snap a couple of pictures of the mantel that finally has been tended too.
It's been empty for awhile. Quite awhile.  So it goes.

I picked up that piece of driftwood at an auction in a box with some rocks for a dollar. Big Smile. I'm pretty happy to find drift wood and have quite a few pieces tucked around my tank garden.
The big dictionary has more pressed flowers tucked inside. It seems like a secret hiding there.

I'm still using Reader's Digest books.  This time I selected ones with bindings of browns, red, gold, and orange.
We picked up the grass along the side of the road when we stopped to grab some milkweed pods.  I used old brown bottles that I had out in the garage to hold them.

The little birds are new and found at Schwesers of all places.  

We bought the pumpkins from a road side truck as not a one of our pumpkins grew this year.

And, that set of lamps were purchased at an auction probably a year or so ago with cracked and damaged cords. I think they are sooooo cool.  All Art Deco! Well, I found some new cords (from another auction) yesterday and my husband rewired them for me.  Within minutes a project was done, woohoo!  Too bad it took a year to get at them, haha! Again, so it goes. :)


  1. I wish I could send you driftwood! There's tons of it all around here. I love it, too. Your mantel is beautiful. I really like all the found elements.


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