One Sweet Little Bloom

Back in July I had a lovely Queen Anne's Lace plant blooming in my Tank Garden.  This photo was taken as sunset.  Queen Anne's Lace can grow wild in ditches, but it took me two years to get it going in my garden.  hmm? 

At the end of it's blooming I realized I should have pressed  some, so I picked the few very small blooms that were left and put them in one of the very large old dictionaries I have.  I checked on them last week. And, they pressed quite nicely.

 The same day I happened upon this frame I have in a box of "other stuff".  And I wondered how a pressed bloom would look in it.

Such a small, but wonderful surprise that day.  This little flower and frame is at the top of my favorite things! 

Nathalie is having a giveaway for this neat little pincushion on her blog.  Nathalie is full of surprises too and I was the recipient of a couple. :)  Maybe you will be the recipient of this pin cushion!  You have until Monday Sept. 10th to enter!


  1. Queen Anne's Lace and Blue Chicory are my favorite wayside flowers...the Queen Anne's Lace has jumped into our garden and I couldn't be happier

    I Love what you've done framing yours and leaving the stem on is inspired too. I am always filling my square flower press with just the heads.
    I certainly have enough books that I could leave a few stems on too

    I have been laminating them for years and this year I hope to send some out around the holidays as they remind me of snowflakes = no two are exactly alike...that said I should probably get that in gear much sooner than later LOL

    Happy September Weekend Jill

  2. QAL has more than jumped into my garden.....I do love the white airy blooms and this summer when everything else died our yard was filled with plants about a foot tall blooming---we looked like the QAL nursery!!

  3. The framed QAL is soooooooo pretty..... so pretty and simple. Love that!

  4. I collect celluloid frames (I love the color,feel and texture of them) and yours is PERFECT for the QAL!
    Great combo.


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