Little Feet Came to Visit

Look at these sweet little feet! 

Our oldest daughter and grandchild came yesterday.  
We did a quick photo shoot in the tank garden before the sun went down behind the trees and she needed a bottle. 

My daughter and I still have a crib skirt to keeps getting pushed back and other projects pile on top of it.  Today it comes out.  Again. 


  1. She's adorable Jill! And you are so good with the camera!. I still haven't found any serving pieces to have you stamp. I'll let you know! Sounds like you have many projects as it is! I'll be in touch!
    Laurie :)

  2. Oh my gosh Jill, She is sooo precious! Just so sweet.

  3. She is just so sweet. Love those little feet. And what a darling face. Squishy hugs!

  4. So precious! Love that head of hair. My first grandchild (a granddaughter) is due the end of this year. Can't wait. :)

  5. So adorable.... Please tell me no one is pinching those sweet cheeks, and the rose glow is all hers... ah the peaches and cream of youth...

  6. I love those little feet - I always thought their feet look like blocks at that age :)

  7. OH SO precious and the feet foto is priceless!


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