Late Evening Sun in the Garden

After a stressful day of sick girls which changed the plans for the celebration of our 21 year old my husband and I went to pick tomatoes and sit a spell in the tank garden.
I tried my hand at shooting the sun flares.
Photography is good therapy.
So is gardening.

The lace vine is in full bloom.

Another view of the lace vine in the late sun but without the pretty sun flare.

A Black-Eyed Susan vine in the warmth of the late sun.

The late sun is visually warm even if the air is beginning to be chilly.

The girls are better today.  

My 7 year old said at lunch, "I wish there was no sickness and all the Doctors could get different jobs and the hospitals could become schools."  

Do I hear an "Amen"?


  1. AMEN!

    Hope there are healthy girls at your house. BEAUTIFUL sun flares.

  2. I sympathize with your girls...I've been sick the last four fun having a miserable cold when its the last days of summer...but your garden shots make me feel so much better!

  3. It seems so long since I've been here. I can't believe how beautiful your garden is and that tank is really overgrown, but in a beautiful way. Did I mention I am in LOVE with your garden? Everywhere I look, I see things that catch my eye and I want my garden to look like that. Of course, my garden has no sun. I like the sun flares photos. I've created a few, but had no idea that was what they were called. Go figure!! Hope the girls are now on the mend. I'll say an amen to no illness. too.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the late afternoon in late summer. The golden hour is doubly golden.

  5. hope the girls are feeling better !!!
    love the garden shots !!

  6. Out of the mouths of babes, right? I'm so glad they are feeling better!!!

    Ya'll are in my prayers - always!


    (p.s. Your garden needs me to come sit in it. LOL AND! i read somewhere: "people who have therapists have never gardened...")


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