Saturday Digest

* Mollie Makes has introduced a sister magazine called The Simple Things. I've really enjoyed the few copies of Mollie Makes I have so this could be promising.

*The new online issue of  Covet Magazine has some great granny chic/vintage/kitschy decor photos.

*Being a puppet fan and a kid fan and an easy project fan....I'm looking forward to making these with my little gals.

*One of my favorite scenes in a movie:  Harvey.

****I hope you are having a great Saturday!  My second daughter turns 21 tomorrow, yikes!


  1. Fun links to explore. Have a happy celebration with your daughter, and a great weekend.

  2. Those finger friends are darling and so interactive...can't wait to see your version(s) Jill!

    Now I am off to check out your links...must be a good sign that Mollie Makes is branching out :)

    Happy Birthday to your dd


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