Vintage Hangers in My Garden

We haven't had a hard frost yet so I was happy to finally get out and cut some more flowers for drying.

My sage thrived in the dry heat this year and since I don't use it in the kitchen, I'm drying bundles of it.  The vintage hangers I collect are great for this.

I'm going to leave them outside for now and will bring in my dried bundles later.  I have plenty of seeds already saved from the cockscomb that I can let these seeds just drop.  Maybe they will surprise me with plants next year.

I used fine gauge craft wire to wire up the bundles and then on to the hangers.  As the stems dry they may need to be tightened up.

I'm hope to get out and wire up another herb wreath yet this year.  The one I made last year 
 can also be seen here and here.

We continue to fight viruses here.  Much better today. :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Hope you all feel better very soon. Lovely place to hang your herbs and flowers.

  2. some day I want to personally get to walk through the garden! Hope the little ones continue to get better!

  3. Hope everyone is healthy again! What is that lovely shrub with the tiny white flowers? The hangers look great with the bunches of dried goodness.

  4. Beautiful photos, especially the old window shots, great colours! Mx


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