Spring Mantel

Our mantle has been a bit bare since the Christmas decor came down.  This may be just a touch of spring, but it's enough too make it feel fresh.  Having the windows wide open here helps too!

I have two of these awesome metal baking pans and tried to sell one in my booth, but didn't have any takers.  Rejection is sometimes a good thing.  When I took my herb wreath down to hang up a Christmas wreath, I needed a place to store it.  The square baking pan was handy (meaning I hadn't put it away) so I just laid the wreath in it to protect it.  It ended up on a shelf for the past months.  When I took it out to hang it up again, I realized that I really liked the wreath tucked in the square shape.

I added some of my dried yellow black eyed susans that were hanging in the laundry room for just another touch of yellow.

This is a picture of my two little gals from two summers ago.  It's funny, but they really haven't changed much in looks except taller.

I used my new mad needle felting skills to felt myself a forsythia-like branch.  (Seen also in the blog banner) 
I had intended to make three branches, but my time ran out, so I was content with one. :)

This "spring" mantle could easily end up staying around for summer. :)

  We've been in the upper 70s here,  could be a bit tooooo warm for March!

I hope your week is moving along smoothly!


  1. I have to agree - the wreath in the tin is awesome! love your forsythia branch!

  2. Loving those felted forsythia blossoms! No forcing them for you :) I think many of us operate the same way, when we see something that happens to be 'available' it surprises us with how well happenstance turns out! Your wreath in the baking pan is a great example! t.xoxoxo

  3. it is all so lovely - great new blog header and your mantle is wonderful - simple yet interesting and inviting...I wish we were having some of the warmer weather the rest of the country is getting- it almost snowed here yesterday!

  4. Beautiful! I really like your felted forsythia, what a great idea. I've been blog-hopping all day; Spring is in the air everywhere.

  5. To funny! I try to sell things all the time and when they don't sell I bring them home and say, "thank goodness that didn't sell" Love your spring mantel!

  6. I'm loving this weather but can't help thinking we must be due for one of those late March, early April heavy snows! Love your spring mantel!

  7. Your mantel looks simply perfect! I am loving these warmer days in MN...such a treat! My 8 year old has worn shorts to school 3 days in a row...I had a hard time letting him...just doesn't seem right, but it made his week :) Chat soon, Laurel


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