Very Cool Twig Tree

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to stop at a moving sale in another town.  Prices were a bit high for me and this is all I came away with, but it was worth the stop.  For some reason I thought this was the neatest tree.  (And, still do.)

I paid $2 for it and when I got it home, saw there was a goodwill sticker on the bottom that said $3.  What was interesting was that this was owned by someone, donated to goodwill, bought by this person, then put  up for sale and I ended up with it.  Through that, all of the twigs were intact.  I even got it home without breaking any of them.
Then two days later, I go to take it outside to shoot a picture and there is a broken twig and pecans are tucked all through it!  It wasn't even my little girls, it was my 12 year old.

  "Why did you stick the pecans in it?"
"Because I thought it would be fun."

Anyway....I can not figure out how it was made.  Each and every branch is nailed in to the trunk.  A little tiny nail was used in each branch in a spiral formation.  No matter where you'd start, top or bottom, at some point you couldn't get a hammer or even your hand in there to get the nail in.  I'm still studying it.  My idea would be to use a hot glue gun.   :)  

I know it looks like a fall and winter tree but maybe I could add a couple of little birds and make it look like spring.  Or just stick it away until fall and hope more branches don't get broken.

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  1. Lovely find Jill! I had a giggle about the pecans, beautiful with or without! Mx

  2. Haha, round and round the thrifty goods go!

  3. Pretty complex little tree. I couldn't begin to understand how they made it:)
    I was looking around the house the other day and thought boy I have a lot of trees in here....twig, wire, easter...etc

  4. I imagine it with flowers and herbs woven through it in the spring and summer. It is such a cute little tree. I love that someone obviously made it and didn't just use glue - amazing!

  5. of COURSE pecans stuck in a tree would be fun.

    very interesting tree. i say add a little color with some of your birds you make and all is well for a spring tree.

  6. This sweet little tree was destine to be yours! What a great find!


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