I May Be Hooked

I've been wanting to try my hand at felting for some time so when Lisa at Lil Fish Studios posted a tutorial on how to wet felt rocks, it was just the nudge I needed. Thanks again Lisa!

Not related to felting:  You need to look at these adorable little dolls Lisa made too.

Here is the beginning of my felting projects.  There are rocks that I wet felted according to Lisa's directions.  It worked really well, but I think I'll look for smaller stones.  Then I needle felted an egg and a bead.  I found various tutorials and videos on the interweb to lead me in the needle felting.  I'm sorry I'm not referencing any of them because I read a little here, watched a little there. 

Well, after I made the bead, my son challenged me to make a square bead, a cube, if you will.  Actually, I believe he was mocking me in my excitement about my new felting "skills".
So, I googled and yes there were a couple of square felted beads out there.
I gave it a shot, and it led to this necklace.

I actually made the cube by needle felting polyfil into the cube shape and then covering it with my wool roving.  I first covered it with green and then little pieces of gray roving.  I didn't know you could needle felt polyester, but that was another tidbit I learned online. I did it to save on my roving, but for such a small bead I probably won't do it again that way.  The bottom bead is a round one made from the gray roving. 

I have some jewelry making supplies on hand as I've been dabbling a bit in it.  Now, I think I may have a direction of where I can go with it.  Since I took these pictures yesterday, I felted a brooch, a bracelet, and a pendant.  I'll show pictures next week.  

I'll be ordering more roving and supplies!  I'm just really enjoying this new venture.

I bought my roving from this Etsy shop, Wistyria.

This weekend is a baby shower for my daughter.  The baby girl is due at the end of April! 


  1. That is just gorgeous, seriously gorgeous! I've been toying with the idea of felting for some time so I may be giving this a go soon. But I must finish off some projects first because I've a feeling i may well get hooked too! Suzy x

  2. The stones look great! And I am loving that necklace. Well done!

  3. These are truly creative and beautiful!

  4. Really, I am surprised you haven't done felting sooner! Seems a natural fit for you- Duh! Awesome rocks and pendant!
    (speaking as someone who hasn't tried it because GEEZ! I don't NEED another obsession!)

  5. Gorgeous work, I love the colours! superb! Mx

  6. I haven't tried needle felting at all! and your stones look fantastic! I love the colors especially!


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