The Baby Has Been Showered

We went to Lincoln Saturday for a baby shower for my daughter.  It was at one of her friends' home.  We had such a fun time.

She has the cutest baby bump.

My girls and me. :)

I just had to share this picture of my youngest two gals.  My 5 y/o sitting in the middle (my niece is on the left) sat and ate two cupcakes while squinting at one foot and then the other, back and forth.  She was in her own little world while the adults played a shower game.  Then she came to me with her dress held up like an apron holding the cupcake crumbs.  We just went outside to the porch to drop them.  I actually took about 15 pictures of this scene.  You've been spared. 

I took some pictures of the diaper cake I made at home to show you.  I made the three tiers using about 80 diapers. The Luvs diapers I bought were purple so that dictated the purple color theme. I used three embroidery hoops to tuck them into and hold them firm while I tied a string around them. Then I used wide white ribbon and narrow lace binding to wrap around each tier.  I secured the ribbon with a low temp glue gun.  It really worked well. I decided to offset the tiers to make room to set the "adornments".

I made the roses with long sleeved onesies and attached them with pearl headed corsage pins.

Replacing the shoe laces with ribbon really made these little shoes tie in with the color theme of the cake.
I tucked the original shoe laces in the toes of the shoes. The shoes are also attached with corsage pins.

I bought a bottle of baby bath because it was purple and tucked it in the top tier between the diapers.  The white flower is on a baby headband that is just wrapped around the bottle  of baby wash.  Then two pacifiers are tied with ribbon and looped over the top of the bottle.
I used some ribbon flowers that I purchased just to add a little extra sparkle here and there on the cake.

I also thought you might like to see the corsage I made for her.  I used pink Hersey kisses wrapped in tulle then attached the tulle to wire with floral tape.  

I added sprigs of ribbon and sparkly ribbon roses.

Then also tied in some little plastic baby accents.  We have a store in our little town that sells a lot of these party favor pieces so it was easy for me to come up with the supplies.  

It's exciting times!


  1. you amaze me. and I LOVE the squint-eye-cupcake-crumb bit...oh, such wonderfulness.

  2. How fun!!! Your daughter looks precious!
    You did such a great job on the cake and corsage :)

  3. What a great mama and granmama you are. Love the one eyed squint - shoe examination.. :D

  4. I love the photo of you and your girls - all of you so beautiful and happy. What a great job you did on the cake!

  5. I can almost smell the Baby Magic from here.
    Your bundle of joy carrying her bundle of joy is gorgeous. It's true...she really does glow! Heck...y'all all are.
    I'm with your little one. That's what I do at showers. The other guest think I'm a little teched and basically let me just sit there instead of making me stick my hand in baby food jars! LOL!!!

  6. Jill - ALL of you are just GORGEOUS!!!! What a beautiful picture!!!

    And your daughter (and Debbie...) THAT is so funny - how adorable! And Debbie... I totally believe what she said right up there. LOLOLOLOLOL

    They diaper cake has to be the coolest thing!!! That is awesome - and I love how you worked baby things in to it with the diapers!!!
    AND the corsage! Heck, I'd wear that and I'm way past baby days...

    But if I looked as gorgeous as your sweet girl while pregnant - I'd re-think the baby days.

    ;-D robelyn

  7. Oh my goodness - so much cuteness here! your daughter looks so fantastic!!! I felt (and looked) like a house at 32 weeks ... I love the capture of the squinting at feet for whatever reason ... and the cake is amazing! in the first picture I thought it was a bakery cake ... what a great idea!!! you are having so much fun my dear!!!

  8. I absolutely adore the cake. I remember years ago, I made one for a friend whose party I was throwing for her. At that time, there were no directions, no blogs to get inspiration from, and only my imagination. I am SO glad they are now so popular. I really, really love the one you made. I have to admit, it is much nicer than the one I made. I didn't use Onesies or baby shoes on mine. Yours is adorable. And you really didn't need to spare us the extra shots. I would have laughed with all my heart.

  9. I was going to say that your daughter's baby bump is cute (but you beat me to it!) I love how you offset the cake layers (my kids all wore Luvs!) and added the details like purple shoe laces. The corsage is AMAZING!!!! You don't do anything by halves!

  10. Ohh... your daughter is so beautiful! Love the girls photo. You are a pretty group! What a wonderful celebration! :)

  11. How exciting! My DIL is expecting our first grandchild at the end of June and it's a girl, we are so excited. Unfortunately they live 8 hours away in Auckland so I won't get to see as much of them as I'd like. I love your cake -would you mind if I borrowed your idea and made one for my DIL? I've never seen anything like it here in NZ!


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