Saturday Digest

This is delicious...especially, when generously sprinkled on Baked Potato Soup. :)

I made concrete eggs using a Wilton egg cake mold I picked up at a garage sale.

I had to do some filing to smooth them down a bit before I glued the two pieces together.  I think I may like these better. I may try again. 

From this post, I know many of you share my joy in peat pots.

I can't remember what these were called, but I found them next to the peat pots at Earl May and they were 25 cents each and VERY cool.  I also found them at Bomgaars for a little less, but not quite as sturdy as these.

They are about 4.5" across the top. They are sturdy enough to hold lighter weight treats or items.
What do you think?  They could make great May Day baskets or small Easter baskets couldn't they?!
I could see filling one with seed packets and adorned  paper and/or fabric flowers to give for a spring time gift.
They have such great texture!

~~Have a great weekend~~


  1. both the egg and the pots have great texture...I'll have to look for peat pots like that! enjoy your weekend Jill - oxox amy

  2. I do love peat pots, I think because of the rustic, natural texture of them. The cement eggs are awesome, I wonder if the plastic jello molds would work too? I just love them! t.xoxoxoox

  3. What fun Jill...concrete eggs ~ clever!! Love the peat pots....we used some square shaped ones as Easter Baskets ~ made a ribbon handle and added dirt and wheatgrass for a little craft for our progressive tea last week ~ they turned out adorable! Have you ever been on Villabarnes blog? Rosemary uses a lot of gesso & she painted peat pots with gesso and then decorated them with fabric ribbon and lavender pieces....very cute as well!!
    Happy you stopped by today & enjoyed our Doris Day clip...she's our very favorite :)

  4. Concrete eggs. You never cease to amaze me!
    Now you just need to get them to grow some litchen and moss... will a smear of buttermilk help?

  5. I love the concrete eggs! And you can paint those peat pots... white is nice and make wire handles. Glue crepe paper around the top. Just saying.... Have a blessed Easter.


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