Holy Week

When I made my concrete eggs, I made a concrete tea light holder too.  And, I can't wait to make more!  Maybe next week.

~ May you have a Blessed Holy Week ~


  1. So cute! I need to get some concrete and make a few projects. Looks like fun! :) Hope you have a blessed Holy Week too!

  2. God Bless you and your family on this holy of holiest weeks!

  3. I need to get some concrete mix-- we need stepping stones! Concrete tea light holders are so simple and beautiful. Another thing on my "make" list. :)

    Happy Easter.
    And file this one away for Sunday...
    "He is Risen!" (my favorite greeting)

  4. I love this peaceful and simple project .... Blessings on your Holy Week too ... Filled with peace and simplicity

  5. Ohhhhhhhh... I reallllllllly love the tea light holder.

  6. This tea light really is gorgeous - so simple. Hoping you have a wonderful Easter too!


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