Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a Few Pictures :)

My daughter brought our new little grand daughter home for a visit and we spent the day taking pictures!

How fitting...

...an Easter baby in the dew filled grass.

I thought I'd share here a couple of the more vintage inspired photos.

She fits a doll bed, for now at least!

And, this is SO fun!  The picture on the left is my daughter almost 22 years ago and the baby on the right, her daughter now. Can you believe the resemblance?!

Soon...back to regular blogging...


  1. SO SO SO beautiful. your photos and the bebe!

  2. i can see you are going to be having great fun with her. the side-by-side picture is amazing. i thought the picture was of your granddaughter taken at the hospital, and was amazed that you got almost the exact same image at home. she does look just like her mother, and she is so beautiful!

  3. oh dear Jill
    these photos are each so dear and darling

    and the resemblance IS extraordinary

    those are two precious girls for certain!

    I look forward to more baby pix :)

  4. Great photos! the comparison of your daughter and her (sweet) baby are amazing!

  5. Oh take your time....a baby is only a baby for a short time! Have fun Grandma! Bring on the pictures!

  6. What precious photos. I cannot believe the hair. My baby girl was bald for many months!!!
    What a wonderful time for all of you. <3

  7. These are so adorable - photos you will always treasure. I love the comparison of your daughter and granddaughter. The similarity is amazing. I love the doll bed idea and may use that ...

    Just 8 more weeks until our new little granddaughter is born. I can hardly wait!

  8. Beautiful! I'm always amazed at how much a newborn sleeps - it was hard work to be born!
    Take your time getting back .... This time flies - as you well know!

  9. She is beautiful! And, yes, she looks like her mommy! Enjoy!!!

  10. The resemblance is uncanny. What a great photo op! I can tell that her moments will be well documented!

  11. Awww...congratulations!!! She's beautiful...enjoy :) Laurel

  12. such an amazing series of photos ~~such a blessing she is!!

  13. wonderful pictures jill !!! and wow, do they look alike...!!! awesome staging !!
    get 'em now...you know how fast they grow !! and change !

  14. Congratulations! What a sweet, beautiful baby! I love the pictures. I am a first time grandmother to a 2 month old baby boy. I just love it! Beautiful photos!

  15. How very sweet...and the baby does look just like your daughter! Congratulations! My littlest grandchild is just a month old...such a blessing! Thanks so much for stopping by my Bachman's House post.

  16. Oh Jill, I seldom get around to visiting these days, but what a treat to peek in today and see these ADORABLE pictures of your new GRAND-baby! Are you blessed or what? I can just imagine your younger girls waiting for the day when they can paint this little one's nails, do her hair, etc.! I see many priceless memories in your future!!!! Mother and daughter do look identical in their baby pics! Precious post! xo, Sue

  17. Oh Jill... she is just SO beautiful!!! And your photos captured her beauty!!! Like mother, like daughter... be sure and pass along that everything a child does to her parent, HER child does even better...




  18. I just found your adorable blog through Pinterest and your crib inspiration board. Wow! I am totally in love with your sewing room. Thanks so much for the tour! You have such lovely taste and a real gift in arranging. Excited to follow! Your grandbaby is gorgeous!!

  19. Jill, she is so beautiful! What lovely photos of your sweet granddaughter! I am a new grandmother to a 3 month old grandson. (The poor child has a camera stuck in his face all the time!) Congratulations and it was a Blessed Easter indeed!


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