Fall :)

We went up to my in-laws on Sunday to help them celebrate a birthday and an anniversary and for everyone to help with the fall yard clean up.  There was a big crew working, but I just chose a couple of pictures to share here.  

I'm not sure how much  help our little gals were. ;)
But, it sure made for a nice photo op.

Then my husband was heading out to the farm to do chores so our 21 year old and I tagged along.

She doesn't get out to the farm too often so she felt the need to instagram the pigs.  Can I use instagram as a verb?

My husband has been bringing apples home from the farm and we've had apple crisp, apple pie, apple sauce but mostly "apples still waiting". If you have a favorite apple recipe, please share!

The "farm girl for an hour" had to pick a couple and eat one fresh off the tree.

It was a really nice fall day!


  1. It's so wonderful to be outdoors on a sunny autumn day. Love those apples - we have a box sitting in the garage and like you, I'm thinking of new ways to use the apples.

  2. I love the fall days....what fun! The colors, the smell of the air(minus pigs)!!

  3. What a beautiful day to share with your family. Being outdoors on a fall day is the best!

  4. Sounds like a lovely time, Jill. Love the photos you chose to share. Your kids are cuties! And that apple tree pic is great!

  5. Your pictures and adventures are really lovely Jill!
    I am especially drawn to the black and white photos with the pop of color on the apples...yum.



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