Who Will Be Like Me?

One of my little gals asked me the other day why she doesn't get to  help me get things ready to mail any more?  It took me awhile to decipher what she was asking.  She was referring to when I had two Etsy shops open!  

I was certainly surprised that she remember that.  The shelves have been empty now for sometime and I've taken the links off of my blog some time ago too.

I don't believe I'll ever sell vintage items online again, but who knows?  I do hope though to re-open at some point my shop selling photographs and hand made items or supplies for such.

I had sold some Through the Viewfinder Photographs through my shop and at local shows too. 
Here is an article about TTV Photos if you aren't familiar with them.

 These two photos have been on my mind today.

So much comparing one can do when you think you are falling short.

This prayer comes to mind:

"Lord, please bless me today just the way I am. I ask for the grace to see myself through your eyes."

Happy Monday!


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  2. Lovely post with perfect pictures and sentiments dear Jill.
    I am enjoying catching up with you.
    Happy Weekend to you and yours


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