Weaving Makes a Comeback

I associate weaving with yarn with the 1970s.  Have you noticed it making a comeback now?  I'm loving it where I've seen it!

This is one of my daughter's weaving projects at the state fair.  She was very pleased to see that purple ribbon hanging there!

While she was weaving she wanted me to weave along.  It doesn't take much to convince me leave work behind and make something.  Mostly, she wanted company down in the sewing room I think.

Well, mine ended up a kind of multimedia weaving and there will be more weavings in my future!  I was hooked. I don't have any instuctions for you as we read many tutorials around the web, looked at some vintage craft books, then just did our own thing using what we had learned.  We used a foam core board for our looms where most use cardboard.   The foam core held up really well.

Rusty washer goodness.

You can see my piece is hanging from a broken spindle and my daughters used branches.

The girls used all yarn and I used a combination of yarn and torn strips of fabric.  The strips came from rag balls made many years ago from an unknown to me woman who was weaving rugs.  I have quite a few vintage rag balls. And, sometimes take pieces from them for projects. That key was blue for some reason; I suppose someone color coded it many years ago as it's old.

A religious medal.

When I added this old blue clip, my oldest daughter happened to be around. We walked around my sewing room looking for something to clip to it.  I had this typed out and hanging on my inspiration board.  She grabbed it and it was perfect.  Just because.

And, yes, above I did say daughters.  My nine year old thought this looked like fun too and made her own for the fair.

She made hers in one day and spent hours on it.  She was so focused (well she was watched tv while weaving too....)

She chose the yarns she wanted from my stash and then just began weaving away.  She need some help with tying off the ends and weaving them in, but other than that once she got going she was on her own.

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I'm linking up this week again with Thoughts from Alice.  My daughter's scarf was featured there last week!


  1. This is beautiful. Congrats to your daughter!!! The binder clip is great, too!!!

  2. darn, now into what box did I put that old stash of yarn pieces....? think I may need them soon :D

  3. Great Pieces. I love how you incorporated found treasures into yours.

  4. Well done to the weavers! I bought a new tapestry weaving loom recently - to replace an ancient one - but I've yet to use it.

  5. What a great trio of weaving projects. Love the collage aspect of yours with bits and pieces added.

  6. Wonderful weavings you all created!
    I still have a piece I did in a class back in the late 70's.
    Adding mixed media embellishments adds nice interest.
    Congrats to your daughter on her win too.

  7. I remember weaving like this years ago - happy that your daughter's weaving won a ribbon...and yours with the found objects woven in it - I love it!


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