Sunday in the Park

There has been lots of celebrating and just life stuff going on here...a baby shower, marching band competition, visiting, coffee drinking, birthday cake eating, bike riding, cheering...
everything but duck feeding.

We went to the park on Sunday to feed the ducks.  There were only 4 geese to be seen, no ducks, and the geese took off when we tried to approach them.  I've taken my kids to the park for years to feed the ducks and this is the first time we went home with our stale bread. 

So we played a bit instead.

My husband and daughter share a birthday and we celebrated on Sunday.  My college son was home, but opted for a nap on the couch instead of duck feeding at the park.  What?!
I'd already had my nap. :)

 My son in law was working on their house renovation. Or maybe he was napping too? Ha!
It could have been a Christmas card picture taking event. But, candid shots = less stress = more play.

I'm a day late, but that's not a surprise.  Linking with Adrienne here:

My Memory Art


  1. Fun photos and the black and white make them timeless.

  2. Such fun! Big kids really don't want to grow up! Thanks for linking up


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