Around the House--In Cartoon Mode!

I discovered this week that my phone camera has a "cartoon" mode.  Now while it may not use much in the way of editing "skills"...I had great fun with it!  And, looking at one's life from a slightly animated a different perspective.  So a quick trip through part of our house this morning.  As is.

I've been a champion dish-stacker since my childhood.

The remains of breakfast.

Homework, laundry, and legos.  On the dining room table. 

More homework, books, dance bag, dolls, pillow, and blankets askew.
(Dolls laying around makes my heart smile)


This is a portion of my vintage religious artwork collection.  Someday when the bathroom is clean, I'll share it.  Someday. :)

It's so much easier to see yourself in a picture in cartoon mode!

If I could paint a watercolor picture, I would paint this.  Through our bathroom window.  The burning bush outside is stunning.

Through our back door.  Leaves are a gathering.

And, stopping at the computer to download the pictures from my phone.

Here's to rose colored glasses or cartoon mode today...because most things exist in how you choose to see them.

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  1. I discovered that effect on my phone recently as well!! Looks like you had lots of fun. Kinda makes clutter look creative, doesn't it?!

  2. I totally agree - rose coloured glasses and/or cartoon mode make for an excellent view on life!

  3. How fun! I will be looking for that!

  4. What a great effect! I'd love to try this around my home - and hopefully, the app will not show dust! Glad to see you are having fun with your photography, too!

  5. How fun are these!
    You have me wondering if I have cartoon mode on my phone too perhaps.
    I confess I am probably only using a smidgen of the great technology on my new iPhone.


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