Frosty Dandelion: Black and White Wednesday

A few weeks ago after one of the first light frosts, I stopped and took pictures of the frosty dandelions by our lane.

I love dandelions that have gone to seed and covered in frost, they are even prettier.

As I was taking pictures, this guy crawled out.

I know so little of the small life that exists around us.

 I guess he decided to show off.

I like the sun flare bokeh on this one.

Looks like the snow we will be looking at in the months ahead.

Happy Wednesday!

I'm linking up again this Wednesday with Adrienne.

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  1. Absolutely stunning!! I love the bug upside down and the bokeh on them all. Just wonderful!

  2. Breathtaking photos dear Jill.
    Dandelions and nature are indeed overflowing with magic

  3. What great shots you captured! I love the little visitor!

  4. These are gorgeous detail shots, Jill. Our world is so wonderfully created.

  5. So pretty. I love dandelions any time of year.

  6. WOW! Some of my favorite black and whites ever! Such an eye - the shots are stunning and visually so interesting....while at the same time being playful! Which, I dare say, is like the fluffy dandelion!


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