Snip and Sew and Good to Go.

 You may remember these dresses from this post of my Friday Finds.  They were to be transformed into the girls' Halloween costumes, and it worked!  :)

The Barbie costume was pretty simple.  I just needed to sew it in and remove the extra room built into the bodice.  The shoes were picked up at an estate sale a week ago and although she's only 9, she wears a women's size 7 or in this case 8N.  The purse is a vintage one that I had in my stash. She wanted a black purse to put her treats in.

A little Barbie "B" helped to confirm who she was dressed up as.  We picked up this secret from our school cheerleaders doing face painting at a camp...use water color pencil colors for face painting.  It worked beautifully!  We already had these on hand for arts and crafting. Just dip in water often and draw.  It was bright, vivid, and easy to wipe away a mistake.

The blue dress required a lot more snipping and sewing to become Elsa, but worked out very well.  I cut off the entire upper bodice and then took the lining to make a new bodice.  I found snowflake stickers at our local Dollar General to help convey who she was dressed up as.

I used the sleeves to make her sparkly train. (I forgot to take pictures of this while it was still light outside.)  She wore vintage shoes I had for dress up but opted to trick or treat in tennis shoes. Some stitching came undone while at school with her costume, but a safety pin held it back in place.  I love sewing costumes, no fancy sewing or finishing of seams, you're just good to go.

They had a lot of fun in the costumes and now they'll go in the dress up tub.  Barbie wore her high heels throughout all of trick or treating!

And, because it was so cold that night, I dug out two of my vintage coats for them to wear while we were out and about.  A little big, but warm! 


  1. Oh, they are so sweet. What a great job on the costumes. Your girls look very pleased!

  2. I havent said hello in such a long time ... but I do check in every now and then. The girls look absolutely adorable .. and your stichery is magic woman !! hope all is well with everyone in your world !
    miss having time to read blogs, but it's been such a hectic year.

  3. Oh good for you to make these over for the girls. They look great. Love the vintage coats!


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