Christmas in the Apartment

I've shown you pictures from my daughter's apartment before but I thought you might like to see it currently with some Christmas decorations around.   It's really coming to life as she makes it her home.

This wreath she made from a magazine hangs on her front door.  She just rolled up the pages and glued them on a piece of cardboard.  I like how she really made it full.  Both my older girls have made a few of these and they make a nice addition to a wall for basically only the cost of your time.

A little print gifted to her from her sister.  The trend of putting things up on the wall with washi tape is cute. (And, easy!)

Cute little wall hanging she made last week with scraps. 

 These are in between the windows.

A free print from online...sorry, I'm not sure where it's from.

This is a greeting card she bought and put in a suspended frame.  Greeting cards make for really affordable art!

A shot of the wall with the shelves she made. Note another magazine wreath in the upper right one.

Her kitchen is nice sized.  She could still use some stools, but none in her price range have come her way.  I bought some she could use, but they need hours of refinishing.

Her vintage cart has now become a "tea cart".  I love this.  All her pretty tea tins are out to be enjoyed instead of up in a cupboard.  She's a coupon clipper so she can buy pretty tea.  She made the two mugs on the left in her college pottery class.  I was impressed.

Tea tins and succulents...nice window in the kitchen too.

I posted about her embroidery hoop "hello" here. Check out the link if you want a closer look.  That was inspired by Mollie Makes.

She bought the trays at a flea market although, I have some of the same kind in the basement.  We used trays just like these when I was growing up for birthday parties.  People always came to visit on birthdays back then.  These hung easily with command strips and now serve as memo boards with magnets.

This little Santa and Reindeer garland is cute!  You can't see it very well in my picture, but Rudolph has red glitter on his nose.  The how-to to make your own is here.

This is another embroidery hoop project.  All pretty and sparkly! For more details on it, you can look here.

I didn't get a good picture of her bed but she currently is using the bed that first was my parents...gifted to my husband, Jim and I over 25 years ago for a wedding gift...we gave it to my brother and wife...who gave it to another niece....and now my daughter has it, refinished it, and is using it.  The dressers are currently being stored, but the set will be reunited eventually.  Kind of neat how that came about.

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  1. The new nest is just so warm and inviting. The apple did not fall far from it's tree <3 Our girls had mamas who "made do" and now so do they..isn't it just grand : D

    Happy Holidays my friend!

  2. Your daughter is making a cozy place for herself. I can see that she's picked up her mother's ability to make something beautiful from the ordinary. Doesn't it just warm your heart?

  3. looking just like home sweet home - I'm sure both of you are happy with how it is all turning out!

  4. Her place is so homey and adorable. She seems a lot like my daughter.

  5. Oh my goodness - what a cute little nest!

  6. Colorful and fancy greeting cards make for great holiday decorations! You can put them in festive frames and voila! It's holiday art for under $10. Just replace some of your usual art with these framed cards and your apartment is instantly festive.


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