Sparkly Corrugated Cardboard...Pretty!

Earlier this week,my second daughter at home on break from college went 'acrafting down in the sewing room.  I thought maybe I could hide the wreath she made so I could keep it.

A great tutorial for book page roses can be found here and I've made quite a few into wreaths and just put some in a bowl.  But, I really like that Bonnie used corrugated cardboard for the flowers.  Really like the corrugated cardboard.

She wrapped an embroidery hoop with textured off white yarn for the base and with a generous sprinkling of glitter, the wreath is beautiful! The wreath found it's home in her apartment and does not hang on the door in my laundry room. :(  But, now I realize that I need a wreath on the door in my laundry room. :)

There was more I realized about the door in my laundry room too when I took the pictures, but what fun would that be to blog about?

Bonnie and I will both tell you that you really don't have to be too exact in cutting the spiral.  Once you start gluing it's very forgiving.  Neither of us even drew out the spiral, we just cut.

I have a couple of baby projects to post about next week. Did I tell you all that our expected grand baby is a girl?!  Isn't it funny, that there would be an exclamation point included whether it was a boy or a girl?  :)

  My New Year's Post   from last year is still relevant today, so I'll just say Happy New Year!!


  1. love the texture of the wreath - corrugated cardboard is my newest art material obsession - using it for everything...and now I have one more item to add to the list - flowers!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I. Love. This. naturally - anything with that fabulous organic texture really pulls me in. And I especially love using the embroidery hoop - gives it a surprisingly pleasing small size. Huge bravo!! hugs to your whole family and happy new year wishes!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year! Suzy x

  4. Gorgeous wreath - kudos to your daughter. And congratulations on the impending birth of a baby granddaughter. Ours is just 1 year old and such a darling. You'll have so much fun with her.

    Happy New Year, Jill!

  5. Happy New Year Jill and family! Love the corrugated feature of the flowers, so pretty!

  6. Jill the wreath is lovely. You have "brushed off" on them very well!

  7. Beautiful Wreath...Happy New Year Jill!

  8. great job! those flowers would be great on a headband too! Congrats on the baby girl. Which reminds ne I have a post I need to put on my blog.

  9. Happy happy New Year Jill.

    Love your creative project, you gals are sooo clever, yet another thing I'm going to have to try!


  10. Stunning wreath, and I'm liking those cardboard roses too! Wonderful use for embroidery hoops (I have more than I know what to do with!)


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