Christmas-y Bundt Cake Recipe

I imagine Bundt cake recipes are abundant out there but that won't stop me from sharing this one with you. :)  My sister in law gave me the recipe quite a few years ago.

Easy and delicious.

This is this week's cake. It made it to the cake plate.  I made it yesterday and there is only a sliver left.

This is last week's cake when I planned to blog about it.  But there has been too much "merry making" around here to get it posted until now.
It didn't make it to the cake plate before I had to cut into it.

1 cake mix
1 small pkg. instant pudding mix
1 C. water
1/3 C. oil
4 eggs

Mix for 30 sec. on low speed then for 2 min. on med. speed with an electric mixer.  Put in a greased bundt cake pan.
Bake at 325 degrees for 55-60 min.
Let cool 10-15 min. and remove from pan. 
When completely cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

You can use any flavor combination of cake mix and pudding that you like.  This is the combination we all just loved this past week.  Spice cake.

And gingerbread pudding.

I'm a big fan of frosting, but honestly this cake is just so good without any frosting.  Not filling.  Just the right amount of sweet.

Now, I know you all don't have time for silliness, but just in case you need some.... we can't have a bundt here without this scene being "played" out.  I know.  Lame.  But, it makes me smile :)

I do hope your Advent time is going smoothly.  May these days be blessed for you!


  1. And I have a gorgeous old Bundt pan - perfect! I'll be the hit of the Holiday Parties, Jill! Thanks! :: lynn

  2. Going to make this one for sure- wish I had some right now with my coffee

  3. That scene is referred to over and over again around here - especially when such a cake shows up.
    Yours looks delicious!

  4. *giggle*
    I love that you are as crazy as I am...

    I can't say "bundt cake" without going through this whole scene...
    luckily everyone I do it to remembers the movie a few seconds in to me messing with them. LOLOLOL

    I'm going to make cake for dinner. Because it looks THAT good and I'm skipping all health food from now 'til January 4th.


  5. This looks so yummy! I love bundt cakes with just powdered sugar. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks easy.

  6. I love that first photo- it's really gorgeous. Oh, and the cake recipe looks delish!

  7. Looks good
    Looks easy

    (Love that scene in MBFGW ... Also the scene: "you don't eat meat? I fix you lamb!")

  8. I thought of that movie clip as soon as I saw the post title. So funny that Bundt.
    I never knew they made gingerbread pudding....have to get some.


  9. I want to try this recipe! How pretty the cake and the pictures turned out.

  10. Mmm, this is what I love about the holidays! Sweets!!!

    Just when you thought

  11. this is right up my alley! i bought a bundt pan at a thrift store and have yet to use it, this may be the perfect recipe to break it in. spice cake was always my fathers favorite cake, so my sister and i will think of him while we enjoy it. Thank you so much!
    p.s. the video was great fun! Happy Holidays : )


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