Vintage Feed Sack Elephant

So sweet!

This was one of the projects for the expected baby girl that my daughter and I made last week.

We used four different vintage fabrics.  Three of them were old feed sacks.

It's hard for me to ever actually use any of my feed sacks.  Because then they aren't there to just gaze at. :)
But, for this sweet elephant...(and for my daughter and grand daughter)...I could cut into some of them!

This is the pattern we used that was purchased from this Etsy shop.
The directions were clear and good, but I would have a few suggestions to make it a bit easier.  If you were to buy the pattern, email me for them.  I will say that it's not a beginners pattern.  Precision is needed when sewing the pieces together.  I'm glad I had to run to the recycling center when we were sewing it, so my daughter did some of the toughest seams. :)

But, just like having a baby, the memory of the hard parts begins to fade and you think, "I could do this again!!!"  I may need to make another one just so I can have it sit nestled in some vintage fabric.

I'm just loving the mild weather we've been having...hope it's nice where you are!


  1. OMG! That is just so adorable and you have to be proud now it's finished. Well done. Suzy x

  2. It's just so sweet, Jill. I love the mix of fabrics.

  3. Thats just adorable! Well done!!!

  4. It looks a lot like the stuffed elephant I made for my first girl over 14 yrs ago! I had used an old pattern I rcvd from a friend. It was actually a wooly mammoth, but I made it into an elephant. 3-d things are so hard to sew! I'll bet it WAS tricky! But with this granddy sure are going to be having fun aren't you?

  5. So darling! I love the fabrics. It was 81 degrees here yesterday!

  6. Tony is adorable. It has to be a Tony elephant to me because my Dad had a "Tony' and then I collected Tonys. I have the original Tony stuffed with straw and I think I just may do a post on him..thanks for the inspiration.

  7. ADORABLE! You make it look easy. :)
    Warm here too. Sunny by day and a clear sky at night for the moon to shine bright!

  8. Very Cute! What a lucky little granddaughter you will have...

  9. My friend deanna would love those in her shop. I will send her your link. Very sweet.


  10. an instant keepsake! it will be loved and cared for from the moment it is received - it is precious!

  11. Y'all did a great job... but it does look difficult. I'll stick to making floppy bunnies! ha! Love the vintage feedsacks!


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