Weekend Finds

This past Friday I went to a couple of antique stores and to a "new to me" flea market.  I didn't find a lot but came home with the above odds and ends.  I'm oddly excited about the big gallon jar with the metal lid that has "sugar" hand written on it.

Appropriate for now...a green handled heart cookie cutter.

Then Sunday, I went to an auction and came home with a few fun items.  Some will be going in to my booth, some to Etsy, and some waiting for a project....

These are hands down my favorite find of the weekend!  They may even keep that title for quite a few months!  Wrought iron folding chairs.  One is pretty decent condition and the other, well, not so decent.

See, they fold down!  Unfortunately the arm rest is broken the left one but I think it just needs a bolt.
So, the question is, "What do I do with them?"  My thought is to clean up and keep the good one in the house and then take the seat and backing off the other one and put it in the tank garden.  Or, should I try some fun way of replacing the seat and backing on the other one and keep it in the house too??  Do I have room for two more chairs?  Ha, you probably can't help me with that question, can you? 

It has a sweet profile doesn't it?  Does anyone have suggestions for cleaning and restoring wrought iron?

Thanks for stopping by. It's fun to share the finds with all of you and hear your thoughts!


  1. These chairs are just amazing! Sorry no restoration suggestions, but I look forward to seeing what you do with them :D

  2. Oh my gosh... Jill!!! Those are FANTASTIC!!! One ALWAYS has room for awesome chairs!!! I've considered kicking my couch out and just having chairs in my living room. ;-D


  3. you have all the fun girl!
    I love those chairs!
    maybe you could recover the pads on the disheveled one?
    and for wrought iron - I would think a little steel wool would do the job (?)

    anyhow - good going!!!

    happy tuesday!

  4. dont have any ideas for you, but i would have to keep at least one of them just because they are so different !!!
    one in the garden would be cool too !!!
    you can scrape the paint on the iron and spray it black, then poly if you want....it will be chippy but not so rusty (for the one in the house...leave the rust for outside !)

    nice find !

  5. jill, love that large jar too. and those freakin chairs are awesome!

  6. Those chairs are so awesome! Great find!

  7. I have missed you for Tea Tuesday, but I sure enjoyed the tea cozy and of course, those chairs and that heart cookie cutter.

  8. Love your chairs but I have no idea how you would restore them. I think they need to be in the tank garden! I can just imagine them in amongst the beautiful flowers you have there. Mx

  9. fun finds...I'm with you on the writing on the lid...anytime I find something like that I feel like I have a special visitor in my kitchen...Betty's comin' to tea! Where do you show your finds, just on Etsy?
    Have a lovely day.

  10. OMG - I have a soft spot for interesting chairs...and for metal...and for rust - these are perfect on all accounts! great finds for you!


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