Blog Breaks Happen

Jan. 25 8:15 am

Kind of messes with your eyes doesn't it?  All that blue nothingness.  

I'm hoping to get back in the swing of posting after the past month or so of such things that keep one away from posting.  The biggest of which was my husband's foot surgery and his current non weight bearing status for his foot.  He's doing great though and we have great expectations of this taking care of his foot for good.

Through a friend I found this, Project::Sky 365 at knitsofacto blog.  At first glance I thought "Just the sky?  With no horizons, skylines, or earthbound things?" "I don't know...."

And, then I thought of one of my favorite Bible verses:

The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky proclaims its builder's craft.
One day to the next conveys that message; 
one night to the next imparts that knowledge.
There is no word or sound;
no voice is heard;
Yet their report goes forth through all the earth,
their message, to the ends of the world.

Psalm 19: 2-5

and, I was in! Although, I have no intention of stressing about a picture a day or bemoan the fact that it's already the 25th of January.  I'm also not sure yet how or how often I'll post them.

A frequent saying here when we see a beautiful sky, "That's a God sky, if I ever saw one!"

So, why would I post just plain blue sky when proclaiming my start to this project and my favorite Bible verse?!?!

Because it was the sky this morning.

Because I had time to take a picture and post this morning.  

Because, it will be enough.

And,  Kim inspired me with her word for 2012,  justdoit.


  1. I envy your blog break (not for the reasons you have though!) ... Someways it's hard to come up with something to share ... But we are all under the same sky aren't we? I love the idea and look forward to your skies ... Especially if they are blue. Maybe I'll do a once a week sky shot "Sunday's Sky" or something like that. I like the idea of a pause in "productivity" for productivity's sake.

  2. Yes, I've been on a bit of an enforced blog break too . . . hoping I do better in February! Your blue sky is very calming.

  3. Welcome back Jill, lovely post and bible verse. I love your blue.. Mx

  4. A tidbit of useless information - when looking at the sky (or nothingness) your eyes focus approximately 16" in front of you.

    Back to you :: lynn

  5. Happy to see you post when you can and that hubby is recovering fast.
    I know when george was on crutches for over a month I had not time to do anything.

  6. yes, I am glad you just went ahead and did it! I will be taking a little blog break myself...hard drive died yesterday...

  7. So glad you decided to join us Jill. This is an amazing sky shot ... blue perfection! The sentiment in the previous post you link to is perfect too :D

  8. So glad to hear your husband is doing okay. You have been in my prayers.

  9. Lovely. Glad to see you posting, I hope your husband's healing continues. That's an amazing blue sky, from an amazing God.

  10. the sky always attracts me and it changes so quickly too

    sounds and looks like a wonderful project

    sending continued healing to your husband...adding nurse to your title really fills a day!

    take care and thank you also for sharing the beautiful Bible verse

  11. I love all that blue, especially if it goes with hot! lol


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