My Conundrum Through My Window

I'm contemplating my dilemma through my window this morning.
On a very brief stop at an antique store on Sunday, I found what I thought was THE perfect storage for my scraps of vintage fabric.  (Picture it standing upright)

Cubby hole storage in a perfectly rough and chippy piece.

Bins of vintage blue, red, yellow, white,.....fabric for me to rifle through when I need a piece.  You can see it, right? 
I stuck my head in it three times.  All the way in the cubby holes.  Nope, didn't smell bad.  Just kind of old but not bad.  It would smell better with a spray coat of finish and baking soda.

The price was good.  I was excited.  My son helped me carry it downstairs.  (My husband's foot is still out of whack, surgery imminent)

My son helped me carry it back upstairs yesterday.

I hadn't stuck my head in the bottom cubby holes.  The bottom board and backing at the bottom were bad.  Smelly, almost oily, moldy.  How did I miss this?!?!  (Perhaps the ER visit with my husbands foot until 2 am on Sat. and lack of sleep when I stopped at the antique store on Sunday)

I pulled off the bottom board and knocked off the backing.  Now what?  The center boards need to come out at the bottom too.  My husband is bringing me a saws-all to cut it down. 
It's fate is in the air.  I want to make it work as I envisioned, but sometimes you need to know when to cut your losses and walk away.

Many people in the blog world choose a word for the year to guide and inspire them. 

My word for today is:


Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. :)

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  1. I have no words of wisdom other than... I am stubborn so I would re-create a bottom. LOL! I know... I'm crazy like that. It is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    ;-D robelyn
    (p.s. only a true junker would stop at an antique store operating on little sleep after sittin in E.R.) hee-hee
    You are all in my prayers - and tell that hubby of yours to take care of himself!!!

  2. Keep it (or send it to me!) and hang it on the wall of the shed and stuff Hens and Chicks or bedding plants in it this Spring. I think you'd have to wad chicken wire inside for that to work but I'd hang it for a vertical flower bed. If you think that's too much work, there's always my barn wall . . . =-)

    :: lynn ::

  3. I like it sideways ... does it need a back at all? maybe chicken wire backing .... and I can sill see folded fat quarters and flour sacks showing off nicely

  4. oh jill...I am so sorry...I hate when I think I have looked something over from top to bottom but then miss something! but I think this is salvagable - and would look so darling organizing your fabric!
    and I love your word - good advice!

  5. I'd cut it down to where I had three openings...shelves...when it is upright. Rebuild the bottom with the wood you cut out and find an old table to "marry"" the top to. It's a great looking piece...good old bones.

  6. Jill, do you have access to a power washer? I washed an old coop that dad had used in the shop---full of grease etc.... If you don't need the back to keep it stable I am all for the wire backing. You might try kilz on it too after washing.

  7. Yep - cutting it down is the way to go. It's a bummer when things don't go the way we first thought. Hang in there!

  8. It's a great piece ! I would take the whole back off and cut a piece of beadboard paneling to fit.

  9. It looks to me like you have an old chicken nesting box... I can't imagine it NOT smelling!

  10. I think I would cut off the offending part too and either hang to appropriate height or as one gal said marry it to a bench or table. Too good to lose..and sorry for the conundrum...discombobulated me understands very well. :D

  11. no problem. as some have already said, cut off bad part, then still use as planned.
    Kilz paint will block any smells. and you can lightly sand it to make spots look old, where there was no smell.
    Hope it works out. I love it and would have bought it too.

    barbara jean
    Came over fro knick of time.

  12. Sounds like something I would do-- bring something home without FULLY inspecting it. Take the saw to it (you have nothing to lose!) and file the experience under "next time I will know better".

    Sorry to read that your hubby's foot is still giving him trouble.

  13. well, you could just chop it up and use the good bits to make 'canvases' use a chain or twine hanger and away you go, lovely paint finish which I'm sure would lend itself to so much of your art, I could see some of your fabric flowers on there! Mx

  14. Well, I could fill it up with tons of vintage pretties, so that's probably what I'd do with it - LOVE it!

    Thanks for sharing at Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Style Link Party!


  15. I would not give up on it... my theory is that anything can work. I would just add a piece to the bottom and distress it. I kind of like on your porch:)

  16. By now I would probably banish it to the outdoors - perhaps under the deck :)

  17. It's a great piece ! I would take the whole back off and cut a piece of beadboard paneling to fit.


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