Here's to Today

...been spending a bit of time on the Wordle site again....and I wish this all for all of you; peace, love, joy, prosperity, and blessings!

But, to tell you the truth, I'm not much of a New Year's resolution type of person. I believe that every day is a new beginning. Sometimes each moment can be a new beginning. Especially, when you're grieving, worried, or you've messed up.

So this is my prayer for you; that every day you will feel the love and peace of Christ anew, just as fresh as the new year feels now.

Happy New Day!


  1. Jill, may all the days of the new year find you and your family filled with peace.


  2. love. this. post. i wish thee very, very same to you dear jill.

  3. Here's to this year and this decade being one for the record books! Blessings to you in 2010!

  4. thanks jill for adding to my to do i have to check out wordle...????? it looks really neat....
    happy new year and happy junking...

  5. Isn't Wordle fun! I've played around with it, but love the ones you have made. Fun name too.


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