New Life to An Old Tray

This is a message center my oldest daughter made for one of her friends out of one of my vintage trays. I didn't take a picture of the back, but it was left "unadorned" so you can see that it was a tray from the 60s.

Her friend loves pink, pink hearts, dogs, and sparkles....I think she'll be pleased....

The round flower pieces are magnets made from poker chips and decorative paper. All the other collage elements came from 1940s and 50s magazines.

She painted the pink, swirls, and dots around the outside and the center was spray painted with chalkboard paint.

I just love how it turned out. ~~~~ So vintage-y sweet~~~


  1. She did good. Doesn't it make you happy to see your child doing something fun and creative...and vintage! I'm impressed!


  2. Very Clever! Her friend should love love love it!

  3. That's one creative soul!
    Have a fun and healthy 2010! Cheers!!!

  4. Oh my gosh - she does take after her Mama!!! That is so so so cute!!!

    Happy New Year!!!
    ;-) robelyn


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