Junk Christmas Ornament

Over at the Junk Revolution site, Hillbilly set up a "junk ornament" exchange. I enjoyed the challenge of coming up with an ornament made from "junk" around the house as Hillbilly put it. Of course everyone's definition of junk is a bit different, and it's fun seeing what everyone made as they post them on the JR site.
I made mine out of rusty canning jar lids that I hammered flat for the frame, vintage fabric, very old hooks and eyes, a snap piece, rusty ball chain from an old necklace...

and the backing was another flattened jar ring and a piece from a starbucks coffee cup sleeve. I love corrugated cardboard and those little sleeves are so cool---I keep them. Yes, I just admitted that publicly. And I have used them as paper embellishments.

I have this grand idea of making a blog challenge to create junk ornaments throughout the next year. We could link here once a month. If you don't have a blog, I could set up a flickr page to post pictures on. We wouldn't exchange them, just make them for yourself and share the pictures, ideas, and "how to's". Then, by December you should have enough to make yourself a small "Junk" Christmas Tree. Does that sound like fun or toooooo much pressure?! Let me know what you think in the comments or email me.

By the way, I sent my ornament off to Laurie at the Whistlestop Country Store. She's a fellow Nebraskan, only about 60 miles from me and I "met" her on the JR site. I can't wait for a chance to get to her shop!


  1. I love the christmas tree made from old hook and eye pieces, you are so creative, love love love it. Bravo Jill!

  2. Oh my gosh - that is soooooo cute!!! I think it would be FUN to do an "ornament exchange" throughout the next year!!!

    You are SO talented!!! Luvin' it!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  3. Fun to see some of the fun ornaments you gals came up with. I just didn't have time this year to add something to my list. I did do this one year though, and it was great fun.


  4. Thanks again Jill! I feel a little guilty because I didn't put that much work, parts & pieces into mine. You really came up with a piece that was made from lots of little "junk" treasures.
    Would love for you to make it to the shop sometime. We are down to 4 more shopping days and then I get to take a "long winters nap" ... at least from the shop.
    Happy Holidays,
    Laurie :)

  5. I love this ornament. What a fabulous idea for old canning jar lids.

  6. Jill, that is just adorable and so original. I'm living the exchange through you gals as I didn't have time to participate this year. I like the idea of creating an ornament several times during the year and then posting them. Maybe I'd be able to handle that. Thanks for suggesting it.


  7. So very clever!

    I have been a little under the weather....but liked seeing your pictue...nice to connect a face with an image... I also adore your new banner. I am sure that it is a photo by Jill...fab O


  8. I save those cool coffee warmer sleeves too. lol Glad to know I'm not the only one that does that. ha!
    Fun idea to create ornaments out of junk. Your tree created from the hook and eyes was oh, so creative too



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