More of the "Junk" Ornament Exchange

Cheryl Keyes had my name in the junk ornament exchange and she sent me a package full of fun. She made this tree from buttons---ahhh, I love buttons!

These are two little gift card or treat holders which of course were wisked off by my little gals toot sweet.

Her mother crocheted this snowflake. I know how much work goes into these. I made a tree full one year--in another life-- BK (Before Kids). Then, at our other house, our basement flooded and as a friend was helping us clean stuff out, she pulled up a wad of dripping white thread and asked "What the heck is this?" Yes, it was my collection of crocheted snowflakes. I guess the stiffening used was water soluble!

Stay tuned for more information on the junk ornament blog party/challenge/meme! I am going to do it. This will motivate me and make me learn to use the Mr. Linky Widget. I love that thing I've seen on others' blogs! The last week of each month will be the link up time.

So don't toss any good junk or items you can recycle!


  1. LOL You're too funny.... both AK and BK. ;-)

    Those are COOL!!! I'm lovin' the button tree!!!!!

    Have a wonderful wonderful Wednesday!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  2. LOVE your button ornament!!! I want to try and make one of these this year.


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