Gingerbread Houses and Log Cabins

Last week my sisters, mom, and I had a big baking day but didn't get to the gingerbread houses like we had hoped. So my kids did them instead. All I did was make the frosting!

If you're not using a kit, we've found in the past years that big pretzel logs are the easiest to build with and look really good!

Of course, my kids are incredibly competitive so wanted to know who's is "best". In true Mom form I awarded the best to each in different categories. They're old enough to know how lame that is but that's what we Moms do!

Will's has an attached garage...

With a sun deck on it!

Claire's was a kit that I found on sale at the grocery store. All you need- ready to go.

I'm telling you, if you have little kids---or grandkids---when you see these on clearance after Christmas, pick one up!! Who cares if the candy is old next year, you'll NEVER eat it. The ease of this for little kids is awesome and it turns out so cute! I mixed the frosting for Claire and gave a little "advice" but then she did the rest and she's 10. What's really nice with the kit is that you don't have half a bag of candy left over.

Now, to find a place for the creations is a bit of a challenge!

I hope all of you are finding time to prepare your hearts also this Advent for the birth of Christ. It's so easy to only get caught up in the "stuff". I know because I struggle with that EVERY year!


  1. Oh... I want one I want one!!! Those are BOTH FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I award 'em both the best (and I'm sending 'em some duct tape.) LOLOL

    Jill, your children are as gorgeous as you!!!

    My stomach's growling... LOL

    Have a great evening!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  2. I love gingerbread houses. I was never allowed to have one as a kid and for some reason I still haven't made one. I think I shall after seeing your pics. Your children are beautiful!!

  3. i've never made one. but, you may have planted the seed for next way of the clearance aisle this year!

  4. They look great - you have great looking kids, too! :-) I have seen those on clearance and thought about buying them, guess I will have to! My boys would love to do that!


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