"Junk"le Bells in January

It's the first installment of "Junk"le Bells ...all year 'round....!!

My first "Junk"le Bells project is tassel ornaments made from vintage glass knobs.  I have both black and clear and thought they both worked well.

I made the tassel and threaded the cord up through the knob and then topped it off with a black vintage button.  (Just a few of those laying around here!)

The fibers aren't old but I think all of them were purchased at Goodwill or garage sales.  I really love what I call "fiber bundles" tied to anything!

The pretty beads came from a garage sale where a woman was ending her craft sale career and was cutting way back.  I bought some beautiful trims from her!

So, these are ornaments for my "junk" tree next Christmas, but I'm tempted to just leave them hanging in my sewing room for awhile.

For more pictures on how I made these, check out the flickr group here.

Now, please share your projects this week!  
---Feel free to grab the "Junk"le Bells button.
---Please be sure to link up with your specific blog post with your "Junk"le Bells project in Mr. Linky.
---Please visit others to see what they've been making.
---Add photos to the Flickr group if you don't have a blog but still want to share your project.
---The Mr. Linky will stay open until Friday so you have the week to join up.

"Junkle" Bells All Year Round Participants
1. Anna
2. TreasuresRenewed
3. kimmykats
4. Junkin Jane
5. Prior
6. Kim (thehillbilly)

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  1. you should make some extra sets and sell them on etsy next christmas. i know my mom and mollie would love them!!!!

  2. AND i love them. but that is a given. they touched your hands, so they are bound to be most beautiful!

  3. love them !!! no time right now to join you, but dont give up.... !!! you will get more linkys as you go !!! is this going to be once a month???

  4. Okay, Jill, I'm not sure what I just signed up for! I love your knobby tassels. Can't wait to see what else you are making...and maybe coppy a few!

  5. Beautiful! I also love your header picture!

  6. Jill those are wonderful.... Very pretty...

  7. I have added my link.

    This is fun Jill......

    Keep On Junking

  8. Wonderful tassels, my sister would love them! kim

  9. I LOVE these! And, I see you have been hammering some more. Fun, fun. Put this on my wish list for Christmas!

  10. Hello Jill, I saw your glass knob ornaments last night on flicker, love em! I added a simple ornament for the first one, hopefully I can come up with a better project for Feb.

  11. Love your tassels! for some reason my link isn't right, sorry! Lezlee

  12. Now I know what to do with the glass knobs that I still haven't sold.
    Thanks for stopping by today. I haven't gotten my favorites back up since I lost my computer!

  13. Those are so cool! They not only make great ornaments...they would be cool for anything you want to add a tassel to. Cool.

  14. Just had to say how very wonderful all of your Junkle bells projects are ... very inspiring.
    A friend told me about your cool blog ... I am also crazy about altered cutlery and that post was amazing too.
    Many thanks for sharing your creativity!


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