Scrappy Project--(Really Scrappy)

A few months ago, I pulled these grass seed bags plus some other feed sacks from the garbage at the auction house I go to. Not too many people saw me. They were really stained and worn....go figure....

I finally decided what to do with some of them. I need a big bag to carry packages to the post office. I usually grab a garbage bag, which then usually gets a hole in it, and is no longer good for garbage.

I laundered them, but most of the stains are still there. But, I figured women tea stain their projects all the time. My stains are the real thing! Because they were pretty worn, I decided to add "patches" all reinforced with free motion machine embroidery. It also was a good way to set off the faded lettering.

My wordle obsession has now been put to use. I used an iron on transfer to make two "patches" for my bag. This was such a good project to practice on. I should have followed the instructions better for the transfer. Both of the ones I did scorched a little. But, it just looks like more stains. Ahhhhh, imperfection--gotta love it!

If I need to patch it up more along the way. No problem!

I love the texture of the seed bags too, slightly rough.

Full of boxes and ready to go! OK, so these boxes are empty, but soon... after more sales here and here!!

I decided not to put a drawstring in the top. I think it would get in the way.

So, this is a very scrappy project, but I really like my very utilitarian bag. It has that old used and loved feel to it.

AND, I love Wordle!!


  1. Love your bag.... St. Nic would be jealous... and I love how you used your wordle. I need to do this on this cool bag I got, but think it would melt. So fun.

    Scrappy makin' you happy!

  2. loe these type bags...good re-use !!! gotta love that !

  3. there are so many reason i like you jill. two more being:

    1)you dig through trash too.
    2)you dig wordle

    wordle makes me want to say mrytle.

    see, i said it.

  4. Hope you're thawing out up there in Nebraska. The snow is finally starting to melt some in Colorado! :)

  5. That is very resourceful of you! And so very cool. You Rock.

  6. Oh.......Jill! I want one! LOL You need to go garbage pickin' more often!!! I am so into your stitching - that is SEW cool!!!

    Lovin' it!!! Awesome as usual!!!
    ;-) robelyn


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