The Book Tree

We did some decorating this past weekend while a couple of the older kids were home. 

I started this book tree and then my son came to build it while I scavenged more books for it.

It took about 115 books, give or take, says my son...who I asked to count them.  I chose mostly red-ish and green-ish covers.

After he was done, I adorned it with some vintage ornaments and tinsel.

We live close enough to the train tracks that we get some vibration in the house on occasion, so I used fun tac to keep the ornaments in place.  I didn't want them jiggling off over the month!  

In true form for my son...he thought it would be neat if this book was at the center of the tree.

And, that it would even better if it wasn't load bearing....

so it could be removed.  He's in school to be a mechanical engineer.  Nice to see all that education is helping me out too, ha!!

Pulling some of the books out for "shelves" really added a nice dimensional look to it.

Let's take a peek at some of the titles.  (No, I have not read it, nor have I seen the stage production or the movie!  Am I in the minority?!)

Nope, have not read nor have I seen the movie.  My older kids have though.

Yes!  Read it, but too long ago to remember it very well.

It's a good title to have in a book Christmas tree. :)

It took far longer that we would have ever thought.  Seems so easy to just stack books, right?  Yeah, not.  I'm so glad I had help with it.  I should also add that two of my girls had opinions and advice that was quite helpful too!

While we're here by the fireplace, I'll show you the shelves next to it.

These chalkboard prints were free online.  You can find similar ones everywhere now.

I love the mason jars with tinsel and vintage ornaments.  Such an easy way to showcase sparkle and your favorite ornaments.  See them here too.

The pictures are too dark to show the spool Christmas trees on the shelves very well.  You can see them better here and here.

As for decorating....I'm taking the attitude that "what gets done, gets done and what doesn't get done, doesn't".  I hope you do too!

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  1. I feel the same way about what gets done. Love that book tree. I'll bet constructing it with your kids was so much fun!

  2. What a fun project! You must have A LOT of books!

  3. wonderful...NOW GO READ To Kill A Mockingbird and you must see the movie!!! JILL JILL JILL...This is a must get done... <3 : D
    BTW Hannah's favorite book - She collects them - all different issues

  4. You have a wonderful collection of old books! I love the Christmas tree arrangement...(your son will make a great engineer, maybe a minor in architecture??) Love this post.

  5. The Tree of Knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!! Silas Marner is another good read! What a way to spend the winter, curled up by your tree. It's really wonderful, Will and Jill - great job.

    yraM htuR

  6. I did the same thing in our mantel! But turned the books the other way...didn't have enough red and green and boy it takes a lot of books doesn't it?? Looks fabulous.

  7. Love the tree! And I am seriously coveting the washi tape holder! I am in agreement with you - what gets done gets done!

  8. What a fun time I am having trying to catch up with you and your creative life dear Jill!
    Your tree is absolutely fabulous and wonderful !!!
    I would never take it down.
    You really make me want a mantle now too :-)
    Brightest of Christmas Blessings to you and yours...
    fa la laa

  9. I am glad I did not see this before my middle daughter came home or we would have been "redecorating" the buffet! You really should read or watch "How to kill a Mockingbird". It is one of my favorites and a classic. But I also have quite a collection of "classics" that I keep thinking I should read. One day. Diane


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