Friday Finds: Apartment Coming Together

I mentioned before that my daughter did some projects as she was on the job hunt this summer.  These honeycomb shelves were one of them.  (Or would that be three of them?)

She built them out of pine.  I'm sorry, but I don't have directions for you.  Between the three projects she wanted to build from scratch, she accomplished two and they all involved geometry and learning to use our somewhat middle of the road quality tools to try to accomplish exact measurements.  She really did a good job with what she had to work with!

Because her budget was tight, as in sqeaky tight....she used pine and left over paint that I had.  This is what was left of the Annie Sloan Chalk paint I used on my cabinet in the basement bedroom.  I still need to take pictures down there to show you the finished project.

She scraped the can clean to get enough to cover these. Then she used the black wax I had to give them the finish.  

Minimalistic...which is what she likes.  This was set up after we moved everything in up three flights of stairs so she has tweaked it some more since then.
The three blocks of wood with art prints all came from here.  I love Flor Larios and have many of her art prints and have gifted many. :)

I know you can't see it in the low light photo, but the print washi taped to the wall is one of the prints I won from Kim Klassen.  The print itself is a photo of the original print washi taped to a it's all very...not sure what the word would be.  My daughter said it was Inceptionesque. I never saw the movie Inception but apparently it was like a story within a story.   The photo of the photo washi taped to the wall is now washi taped on the wall.  Did I lose you?

And then there are these finds...the couch came from the summer kitchen at the farm.  I vacuumed it for about an hour at home before we brought it down. I imagine my inlaws moved it out there some 20 years ago after it served their family for a long time.  It's in seriously good condition considering a family of 9 used it.  Mastercraft...made some good pieces.
The metal cart $4 at a flea market...the glasses $2 at the same flea the weekend before she found this apartment.

Sitting on the bottom shelf...
I bought this for her from a garage sale the same weekend we went to the flea market for $1.  It's a vintage savings jar.

Here with the lock begin to save for a dinner & show, then long weekend, new car, and the final one is a mink!  Sounds like the 1950s doesn't it?  I'm not sure what my daughter will imagine the last one to be, but dinner and show and a new car are definitely on her saving list.

The quilt was a graduation gift to her from my Mom...goes perfectly on the back of the old couch.

Take another peak at those vintage glasses.  If I was one to type *swoon*, I would.

The rocking chair and ottoman (needs to be steamed) came from a friends garage that she was going to donate...came from her son's house...then it went to the baby cave, now they are here!  More on the dresser later, and you've already seen the end table, which I posted about last week.

A lot of very random items and finds came together beautifully for her. 

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  1. Your daughter's place has come together wonderfully. Good for her to get those shelves built, quite a feat.

  2. its all looking great...bring back memories of my first apartment oh so many years ago!


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