Saturday Digest

►I was so excited when I found this DIY network site with some of Carol Duvall's old episodes!  I used to watch her show when my now 20 year old son was just 2 and 3 years old and he would call out  in the cutest little 3 year old voice "Maaaooommm!  Cairl Vall is on!!!"  I loved her show!

►I'm always learning....Quatrefoil:  it's a pattern of four leafed shapes.  This post shows great examples and you may say like me...that pattern has a name?

►Have you ever heard of Slam Poetry(me either)  Apparently it started in 1986.  If you worry about this "digital age" and how it's affecting people and relationships, and are are familiar with all the social media terminology, I think you'll like  this slam poetry video.  I know nothing of this artist's other work, but this is worth watching. My daughter showed me this video and, well, wow.  I contemplate our world and technology often...the use of our phones constantly, the social media...   I thought this was really good.  Maybe you will too.

►We made these last night with my 4H club.  The sticky mess was contained, and it was a lot of fun.  Instructions are in the latest Martha Stewart magazine.

►This turtle laid eggs in our backyard this summer.  We flagged the spot and marked the calendar when the little turtles should appear, but sadly none made it.  I did get some video of her laying one of the eggs and then filling back in the hole she dug.  That was pretty fun to watch. 

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. loved the video link..thanks. he preaches my thoughts on this far better than I..I am tired of folks thinking I am backward because I limit my technology.. sigh..I have a blog, for 6 years now..... I have a smart phone, an i pad..... I just don't LIVE for them..

  2. Speaking of technology...
    I follow you on Bloglovin but they will not let me click on any links that you have shared...
    some blogs I cannot even comment...
    so at least I can do that here
    thanks for sharing and I would have been so enthralled with your turtle happenings!
    Happy September weekend to you and yours Jill

  3. I'm really behind in my blog reading! And you've been super busy! Carol Duvall!!! I love/loved her!!!

  4. I remember watching Carol DuVall when my daughter was little too. It was something to look forward to each day.

  5. Oh I just love that turtle! I will have to check out that video link you left! And your Martha makings look awesome! Happy week to you! Nicole

  6. I love turtles! Have had to stop and get a few off the road!


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