It's Apple Season!

Well, so far there has been apple sauce, apple butter, and frozen sliced apple for use in the winter.  I anticipate a lot more apple sauce as there are a lot more apples as that is the easiest, and my kids are big apple sauce fans.  I was thinking today that there may be too many apples left.

I had to stop to take some pictures though as apples can be so picturesque.

This particular composition has been textured with one of Kim's older textures, Antique Texture using the hard light blending mode.

I hope your week is going well! 


  1. Very dark and dramatic. It's fun to see the star made by slicing the apple in half a different way. Sounds like good eating at your house.

  2. we are heading for the apple orchard this weekend, weather permitting, and I'm looking forward to the smell of freshly baked apple pie, too! your image is very creative ... love the different views of this delightful fruit, and your processing!

  3. Love your high contrast/saturated photo - it really brings out the color and shape and essence of apples

    I've had a ton of pears - but not too many apples - just enough to have an apple a day though - nothing is as tasty as a freshly picked apple!


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