Phillippians 4:8 Texture Tuesday

This text is from one of my favorite scriptures.  

When you find yourself wallering around your mind with worries or stewing about a situation...our Lord gives us permission and encourages us to not only trust Him, but that it's okay and desired by Him for you to think of good things.  I find such consolation in that!

The base image is from an empty room in my daughter's apartment. I've come to the conclusion that I like to photograph empty rooms as much as vignettes, actually, maybe more so.

I pray these words come to you when you need them. 

Kim Klassen {dot com}


  1. These are beautiful words, Jill, and that verse is one of my favourites, often recited at night when I can't sleep. I love what you've done with the photo and text.

  2. Beautiful words... and I love your choice of fonts!

  3. Amen to the words and a beautiful composed shot with the words.

  4. Oh I LOVE this, Jill! An empty room yes, but still so inviting!
    One of my favorite scriptures, too! :) Have a blessed week!


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