Saturday Digest

►Have you heard of Newspaper Blackout Poetry? Kim from Art in Red Wagons does a lot of found poetry, so this is quite similar.  I stumbled across it through Instagram and thought that I had to try it.  The above image is my attempt while I was avoiding cleaning up in the house this morning. I was intrigued by the message I found in the paper.

►It's been a sorting/organizing week here.  Out with the old and in with the older.  That seems to be the motto around here. :)  I have ordered some new fibers though and am pretty excited about them. (The links are to Instagram pictures.)

►The harvest is complete for my husband and the little girls and I got to ride along in the truck and combine for the last bit.  It's really a wonderful time of year!

►Are you a lover of fabric?  Cotton and Steel is a new to me line and pretty new to the world too.  The videos at the bottom of the link are really fun to watch if you like to know about design and fabric. I'd recommend the Bespoke video.  I hope to think of a project so I can order a piece of their double gauze.  See what's happening?  After sorting and organizing....I'm thinking of the project BEFORE I order the supplies.  I hope this doesn't last, it's not as much fun, ha!

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I was a cleaning, getting rid of mood. I took a carful away to the local charity center. Love these kind of days :)

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  3. yes - blackout poetry is much fun - check out Austin Kleon - not only does he have some great inspirational books, he does a daily black out poetry piece ...and I've been cleaning out too...must be something about fall...


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