Saturday Digest

►Taken with my phone yesterday as I told my garden goodbye....the phone camera caught the sun rays beautifully!

►Sewing for little ones?  These softies are adorable.  I can't decide which I like best between her sets of the farm, meadow, or zoo.  The fabric choices will make all the difference if you make them. Maybe a little grand daughter will be getting some for Christmas...

►You'd spend some pennies saved from thrifting here....but I do like this reproduction laundry basket.

►And from the abundance of apples we picked last week...this pie in on the menu for this week.

►One more picture from my phone...while picking apples.  I liked the red ladder and the teal shed.  You can see a lot of apples hit the ground before we got there.  There are still bags of apples in our foyer.  I best get going. :)

Have a wonderful fall weekend!!

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