Texture Tuesday

Have you seen these head planters in garden shops or perhaps you have one?  I was smitten with them. Maybe someday.  We went to a new to us garden shop this spring and I first saw them there.

Ideas growing and flowing out of our minds is what I thought of.  Reminds me of this post. All that beautiful potential we all have. 

You really can take this further and maybe down a different path. What are the fruits of our thoughts?  Is what we busy our minds with life giving?  Does it produce beautiful growth?  Reminds me of this post. 
These little reminders are good for me.

The above image was textured with Kim Klassen's Plaster texture.

Kim Klassen dot com


  1. I've never seen the planters, but I like how you textured and your photo of it. Very nice. :)

  2. Lovely photo, and the thoughts that accompany it are worth pondering.

  3. Beautiful! I love the subdued colours.

  4. I love the idea of thoughts flowing out of our heads.

  5. Lovely soft photo and that is a lovely planter with her 'hair' swept back!
    I have a couple of the heads that we brought back from our travels...
    they were priced to sell :-)
    Happy October Jill
    I still have sand in my shoes and am trying to get all the way back from vacation.


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