Friday Finds

Ha!  This quote is my Friday Find...this morning I read in Pam Garrison's blog post how she lacks focus...made me laugh, because I can relate!

So, with a lack of focus, instead of doing what I planned to do, I made the print above letting each idea preempt the last while I was making it. :)

And, talk about good ideas....Pam's a colorful bonanza of inspiration over there!

Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. HA! I can so relate. Haven't been to Pam Garrison's blog for quite some time - need to remedy that!

  2. LOL I resemble that remark!
    so many ideas
    time keeps whizzing along!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours Jill

  3. Went over to see what the "good idea" was! Great minds think alike, as in yours and Pam's! Always find inspiration in your posts. Thanks.

  4. I swear, this is the reason I can't seem to get much done sometimes.
    What a fun quote! Now off to do a little blog-cruising :: lynn

  5. How very true! I'm supposed to be working on my Start to Finish lesson this morning, but here I am visiting your blog - both good ideas but I'm not making much progress! Great quote and thanks for sharing!

  6. I loved this quote! That's what gets in the way of my productivity too! (Thanks for sending me your blog site...I recognized that I've been here before as soon as I "came in the door" virtually speaking...lovely work here!


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