It's Mushroom Time!

It's morel mushroom time here!  Do you eat them?  Some of my family went out seeking for them on Sunday after we celebrated my daughter's First Communion.  We went on a second hunt later and I brought my camera along.  I think we'll send out another search party today. :)

Linking with Kim for Friday Finds because if you love morels, you know that this is indeed a great find!


  1. Fabulous find, I love mushrooms but never tasted these! My oldest son is a Chef and I'll ask him if he ever used these in one of his gourmet meals ;) Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I like morels but have never gone hunting them myself. Delicious! Enjoy!

  3. Oh I love morel mushrooms!! We haven't hunted them for several years, sounds like a good family outing. :) Great shot too!

  4. Such a perfect little nature vignette. Great to see the morel mushrooms in their natural setting - great picture!

  5. what a great photo Jill!
    I picked them and enjoyed eating them very very much a long long long time ago up in Cadillac, Michigan when I was pregnant with my first son...
    My mother's favorite mushrooms were Chanterelles sauteed in butter

  6. I have heard only good things about them but have never found or tried any:( Gorgeous photo!


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