Little Things Thursday

The end of the school year means end of the year programs and award nights.  I wanted to begin to link up with Kim Cunningham on her blog Little By Little for Little Things Thursday because it's the little things I get the most joy out of.  I'm pretty sure that's the same for most people hence such a linky party. :)

The Jr. High music program seemed like a good fit for Little Things Thursday.

I could see each child individually at the Jr. High program last week.  Of course our own kids always shine brightly in our eyes and hearts, but, for a brief period of time, I had an acute awareness of each child that night and their special place in the kingdom of God.  

All these little things...

Our word for the past weeks here in our home is "poof".

Our second daughter graduated from college last Saturday. *poof* went the time.
This flutist above will be starting high school next year. *poof* went the time.
Our son finished his first year of college and is home for the summer. *poof*....
The others all growing and maturing so...

So, I share with you the scripture that has been on my heart these past weeks while I contemplate once again the time and how it goes...

"Teach us to count our days aright..."
Psalm 90:12

If you've have spent any of your precious time here reading my blog, I thank you.

Little by Little


  1. Well, I am so glad you decide to join us today on LTT! So glad to have you. Yes, raising these kids of ours is just a poof in time. It is hard to remember that in the daily grind sometimes, but it does go so quickly. So much to treasure in a short span of years. It's really great to have you today!

  2. poof does indeed describe this short journey we are on

  3. "Poof" is perfect for the description of life ... I love musical programs and children ... wonderful! Journey on!


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