Other People's Stories

Over this past weekend, I left a bid at an auction...and was able to get some of the boxes of photos that they auctioned off.

Meet little Ruth.

Do you suppose this is little Ruth all grown up?  Or maybe it's her mother and Aunt Catherine?

No name is on this one but it's a large and beautiful photo.

This one is my favorite and will be going up on a wall somewhere!  I don't recall seeing too many old photos of people posing in such a way.  Looking in the mirror before heading out....and look at that staircase!!

And, this grandfather with his arms full of gifts?! with such a warm smile....

I am not a boxing fan.   But, I do like this picture labeled "Elmo".  I googled...thought maybe there was a champion boxer from Nebraska named Elmo but my search didn't come up with anything.

They said "I do"!

Oh gosh, so pretty. (Notice the lace collar.)

Another favorite because they are so happy! And, look at those bundles of babies and bundled up toddlers, so cute!!

According to the note on the back, Pearl is playing the piano and they are singing for a 50th wedding anniversary.

A few weeks ago, I picked up this lot of vintage photos at an antique store.  I hope to show you more of them too when I get a chance to take pictures of them.

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  1. these are great...other than hanging the one larger photo, what are your plans for the rest of them? I always enjoy doing collages with them...imagining what story is going on...

  2. Great old photos, a definite great find!

  3. oh what a treasure you got ... lucky you!

  4. So many stories. Doesn't it make you wonder about people's lives?

  5. Such treasure! I am always captivated by old portrait photographs too. So many life stories to be puzzled out or imagined :)

  6. I love old photos, they tell such a story. Thanks for saving them from the garbage.


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